So, who cares about your game? We do!

That’s why at Edamame, our review submissions are a little longer than normal.

We will ask you about your game,

  • “Why did you make it?”
  • “How did you make it?”
  • “Where did you make it?”
  • “Who did you make it for?”

We will ask you questions that most reviewers won’t ask. Why? Because we care about your game.

With every new review submission we take every game seriously, because who knows? Our review may be the start of something amazing.

Unfortunately our time is limited so not every game will get a review, but no matter how limited our time is, we will never ignore your game.

Whether you’re the creator of Instagram, or the developer of a game that launched yesterday, we will always check out your game, and will treat your review submission with equal significance.

No matter how big or small you are, for us there is never the option of ignoring you.

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At Edamame Reviews, we rank apps with either an A, B+, B, C+, or C.


Although sometimes we break the rules… If our review team is too busy to perform a full review of your game, but still believe it deserves a mention, we will often write a quick article under the NEW Indie Developer title for the outstanding games that don’t quite fit into our schedule of games to review.



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Some users of Edamame Reviews…


Starlit Adventures

Fernando Peña D’Andrea the creator of Starlit Adventures

When we found the review Edamame made of Starlit Adventures, I remember reading it out loud for the rest of the team and we were blown away. We felt we had something unique in our hands but that’s our opinion about our brainchild. Seeing details we cared about noticed in such an attentive way and expressed with such nice words was awesome.


99 Rockets

Thomas Wedin the creator of 99 Rockets

We like the idea of your service, that combines the game itself with the developers. There are a lot of review sites out there, but Edamame is one that has the possibility to become a shining star.


Dash Quest

Jeff Evans the creator of Dash Quest

I think it’s great that you give Indie developers a chance for some exposure. Any traffic helps get our games off the ground.