How to make an app / game (Step 2)

Next up is finding the best framework or program to use when developing your app.

If you’re wondering if this step really matters, we assure you, messing up this step could mean potentially wasting the next 6 months of your life. This step is one of the most important steps people mess up.

On Edamame Reviews, we have a ranking of the current top frameworks used by developers. You can use it to decide which framework to use. This page is updated every Sunday, making the data you find here the latest and most accurate available.


The most dangerous mistake you can make here is to use a framework or program that is either outdated, or that is no longer being maintained by its developers. An unfortunate developer we once worked with told us about how the framework he studied was once a popular ‘state of the art’ framework, but by the time he had learned it, it was a useless and outdated program no one used any more. Unfortunately for him, he had read the old reviews done on it and didn’t have valid data to base his judgement on.

Also, each framework has its strong and weak points, so looking around and finding the best one for you is important. Just remember, your framework must be up to date.


If you don’t think this step is important for you since you’re going to hire a developer, you must remember that you’ll need to find a developer that can use the right framework for what you want to make. If your developer is a specialist at the wrong framework or program, you could be left with an only half decent app, just because you asked the wrong person to make it.


Choose a Framework or Program

Please choose a Framework or Program and move to Step 3 where we’ll guide you through one of the final and most important steps of app development – getting your app reviewed.

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