How to make an app / game (Step 1)

So you want to make an app!

Our advice, “Go to youtube.”

(Revised) So you’d like to make a successful app…

Our advice, “…Continue Reading…”


How to make an app / game – Told by the developer’s “Worst Enemy…”

We reviewers are often hated by developers and honestly, we don’t blame them. Often it is our job to decide whether an app fails or succeeds, and depending on our judgment, the app or game you spent the last 6 months working on could end up failing just because no one would review it.

In a sense we reviewers may seem like “Bowser” from Super Mario. The final boss or enemy you must overcome in order to achieve your goal.

Today we’d like to share with you 3 tips sent directly from “The Last Boss of App Development,” to you “A new Developer.”

  1. Before You Start Developing.
  2. When Starting your Development
  3. Final Stage. (Getting a Review)


So without any further ado,

Step 1: Before You Start Developing.

So you basically have 3 choices, (Hire a Developer), (Go to a Developer School), (Do it yourself).

Option 1: Hire a developer

(The Good) This is no doubt the fastest way to make a high quality app, and as long as you have sufficient funding to back your development, there are essentially no limits in what you could make.

(The Bad) If you don’t understand what is actually going into your app, you could potentially get ripped off. As an example, we had one guy pay an insane amount of money for a developer to add a push notification system into his app, and was seriously ripped off just because he didn’t do enough research.

(The Ugly) The developer could steal the idea from you and make their own app based on your plans.


Option 2: Study at a Developer School

(The Good) There are literally hundreds of online developer schools out there that can teach you how to code and design apps and games. Going to one of these schools will give you a deep understanding of the mechanics that go into making your app work.

(The Bad) This approach is time consuming and will also cost you a bit. If your funding is limited, and you have a fixed time limit, this approach probably isn’t the best choice.

(The Ugly) The systems the courses are based on could be potentially out to date even before you start.


Option 3: Do it yourself

(The Good) This is definitely the most popular approach among new young developers. As long as you use blogs and youtube to study from, this approach is literally free, so won’t cost you a cent. Plus by looking around, the things you can learn are truly limitless.

(The Bad) This approach relies on the validity of the blog or youtube channel you follow. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could potentially end up studying something outdated.

(The Ugly) There isn’t really an ugly for this option, except perhaps if you have trouble studying alone.



Step 2…

Now we’ll explain some of the basics you need to know when starting your development.

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